Transcending Services

Transcend Yourself


Are you ready to find peace within yourself and grow as an individual? Are you tired of feeling blue? Are you ready to be enlightened?

Educational &
Professional Growth 

Are you ready to concur the world with confidence? Is change just around the corner but you feel like you are missing the mark? Do you want to grow within your profession? Are you ready to find your purpose and intellectual growth?

Social Relationship

Are you ready to be accepted for yourself with love and support? Are you ready to be in a trusting respectful relationship? Does your relationship seem like it is stuck in a rut? How prepared are you to feel empowered with your sweetheart?


Do you question your spirituality? Does it feel like religion has you questioning your morals and values or vice versa? How prepared are you to be awakened within your faith?


Wouldn’t it be great to overcome all the challenges that accompany changes in Life? Change can be overwhelming full of anxiety and depression, are you ready for new self-discovery? Are you ready to embrace the future and recover from the past?


Does it feel like the life has been sucked out of you? As if you have completely lost who you are? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel worthy of self-care?

Personal Growth

When your leg is broken, you go see a doctor. When you have high blood pressure, you change your diet. Your mind, spirit and heart deserve the same level of care and attention. Are you ready to remove the negative self-talk? Do you want to change the lonely stories you play in your head? Does it feel like the same thing is always happening to you? Is fear always at the forefront of your mind?

Become the person you have always wanted to be now. Creating positive habits is part of the process to a better version of yourself. Often, we need a guide to remind of us the tools we already possess. Other times, we need to be led on a journey to self-discovery. What are you waiting for? Find your inner strength, bring about the empowerment to live a life of celebrations.

Educational & Professional Growth

Stress management, wellness tools, home and work balance, STEPS for LIFE, business consulting… Words we hear all the time. It can be exhausting making it look like you have it all together but secretly feeling like you are falling apart. Are you feeling like no one can relate to you as the role model to many? Isn’t part of the frustration not being able to connect with someone? Do you feel that you should be happy, but you aren’t? When you try to talk to family, you are told that “you are lucky”. But it doesn’t feel that way.  

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan

Winning does matter but it’s how we measure that winning, money, power, love, admiration, fame, etc. You miss weddings, holidays, funerals and all those little moments in between that keep loving relationships alive. Take the journey to discovering your new purpose. There is a difference between inspired and motivated. Inspired wants to be there for the why. Motivated is driven by incentive. Professional growth includes planning for the accomplishment of individual and professional goals. Let’s work together to identify and discuss the process of feeling better about your purpose.

Social & Relationship Growth


Does it feel like you are the only one putting effort into the relationship? Are you tired of not being heard? Do you wish your partner would just treat you the way you deserve or how you were once treated? If you could fix your relationship problems on your own, you would have already done it. Unlock your potential for great love indulging in marriage sustainability. Relationships can feel fun and hopeful again. You can learn the skills you need to build a thriving long-term relationship. Many couples spend years suffering in their relationship or even worse, ending a relationship that has the potential to be great only because they are afraid to ask for help or asking in all the wrong places. 


Are you questioning the choices in your relationship? Do you feel like there is tension and turmoil all the time? Where has the love gone? I assist couples/families (nuclear, step, blended, and extended families) to work through issues that often create tension. Healthy families can learn effective ways to communicate and function. What would it take to explore counseling options and make the decision to move forward with couple’s therapy? Let me guide you to healthy choices and options for you, your spouse and family. Don’t wait until regret sets in and eats at you. 

Single and Ready for a Love Connection:

Isn’t it excruciatingly painful to feel rejected? Sadly, sometimes you must go through the pain of a breakup to heal. It is time to throw out the broken pieces and make room for new love. Dating apps can be exhausting; swiping, clicking to read more, validity questions. I can help successful people transform their dating life and get on the path to find romance. Once you meet that special person, you can focus on transformation into a thriving long-term relationship.Start today, with a FREE consultation! 

Spiritual Growth

Have you lost faith? Are you in search for transcendent meaning? Do you contemplate your belief in a greater existence outside of humankind? It can be linked to religion, but the practice of spirituality is generally considered to go beyond religion and connect individuals with something larger than life itself. In exploring and honoring your spirituality, you can find internal awareness and happiness.  

Feelings are spirit. Emotions are body. Emotional and mental health, physical health, and spiritual health are all part of total wellness. The mind and body are connected, so when wellness in one area is lacking, other areas of health might be affected. You can be guided to finding your divine connection to your deity. Spirituality and health are connected. Just as physical wellness describes health in the body, spiritual wellness describes health in the spirit. 

Have you always desired to be linked more personally with others and to yourself? You too can rest peacefully at night knowing you have reached spiritual wellness by living a fulfilling life according to your personal values, meaning and purpose aligned with your belief systems. Research suggests including a person’s spirituality or religiosity can lead to better health outcomes. Once we feel aligned in our body, mind, spirit and heart, we can heal. Begin the exploration of prayer, meditation, and following your heart to be more connected with yourself by scheduling a FREE consultation.

Transitional Growth

Have you found yourself experiencing difficulty coping with life transitions or adjusting to change? Has that positive life transition caused you stress? Marriage, the birth of a child, a new job, and retiring are all positive transitions, yet come with unique stressors. Other major life transitions, such as moving, retirement, or entering the “empty nest” phase of life may cause a significant amount of stress. Traumatic experiences including the loss of a loved one, assault, combat injuries or even divorce can result in life’s major stressors. There are fabulous tools you can learn, as life-skills, to adjust to changes out of your control. You can be encouraged the development of skills and knowledge and find greater awareness of your position.  

Perspective often needs to be guided from others to bring you to feeling stronger, more confident, and better prepared for what comes next in life. You are ready to feel easy and comfort in life’s transition. Let’s begin to see a positive outcome and journey through your transition together.

Caregiver Growth

Do you look in the mirror and feel like a failure? Is there a fear of falling short of expectations put on yourself or by others? Were you once a dutiful shield, the supportive spouse, the caring child/sibling/friend…but feel a disconnect and never feel that the relationship will be returned due to the constant caregiving? Those feelings of resentment can grow and may even become debilitating making the loneliness worse.  

Although caregiving is a uniquely rewarding experience, it is also mentally and physically demanding. Without proper support, it can take a toll on your health and your psyche. Burnout is a family caregiver’s worst enemy. Your mental health is most valuable. How can you help others if you cannot help yourself? I can help you provide high-quality care and achieve emotional stability.  

There are normal human responses to the challenges of the situation, and these feelings do not in any way indicate failure or inadequacy in the provision of care. However, a damaging emotional cycle begins when guilt and anxiety develop over these feelings. Caregivers pour their hearts and souls into their loved ones’ care, and the stress of this commitment can have unintended emotional consequences. Those who receive regular emotional support are better equipped to prevent burnout, handle difficult care decisions, and balance their own needs with those of their loved ones. Let me guide you to a path of peace with yourself and care for others by scheduling a FREE consultation. You are a wonderful person of love that deserves acknowledgment in body, mind, spirit and heart. 

"Dear Diary, 

Dear Diary, 

Acceptance. Sometimes we just have to accept. I really wasn’t prepared to take any more care of my body than I already have to this point. I do eat healthy most of the time. I don’t drink a lot. I exercise moderately. I meditate occasionally. I seek guidance and listen to advice. I read self-help books and soul search consistently. I don’t just live life, I feel it and learn from it. So, what is the message from these darn tumors? What emotion has caused them? What is feeding them? Why now? What action in my life have I done wrong that I haven’t listened to so that I can move on?  

And now, I am doing all these therapies that tie up 3 hours to 6 hours a day. Maybe that’s the Universe’s way of saying “you have time for others. Everyone and everything else can wait!” Or maybe it’s saying “learn to relax and be in the moment, it will still be there tomorrow. Your priorities are all wrong?”  Whatever it is saying, I am listening and ready to take action.  

I am a survivor (not a victim)! 

I seek answers (not sympathy)! 

I embrace advice (not a complainer)! 

I am a leader (not a follower)! 

I am a Warrior Goddess with awareness of my Body, Mind, Spirit, & Heart!!!


I’ve decided to reveal my vulnerability and share my journal. You decide to read it. Personally, as a caregiver myself, I believe in success stories because I am one. I believe in being proactive and preventive. I believe in surrounding yourself with those that make you feel and want to be successful. I believe in being a Warrior Goddess through Body, Mind, Spirit, & Heart.