About Transcending Growth Services

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To provide growth, healing, re-connection and education for adults working to live a better version of themselves personally, professionally, socially and spiritually.


Self-improvement through Body, Mind, Spirit, and Heart Connections.


To create counseling, life coaching and workshops focusing on tools for clients to take into their daily lives once they have made the decision to follow a scheduled coaching or counseling term (or have an entheogenic experience).

Meet Jamie Panizza-Kimball

Panizza-Kimball (“PK”) derives from my Italian birth name, Panizza (pan pizza without the second P), and Kimball, the surname from my “step” father and mentor. I am guided by values and spirituality instilled from those beginnings. With a desire to help others, my life has been a journey of discovery— who I am and what I aspires to be. Others see my tenacity, strength, empathy, compassion, and outgoing personality as forces that empower them.

My career included roles as an educator, school counselor, school administrator; eventually an associate superintendent. I have conducted trainings and presentations to various groups, including schools, corporations, veterans, health professionals, caregivers, and community organizations. My zest for learning and focus on connecting with others, are qualities that have led to my success as a manager, business owner, and entrepreneur.

My life journey has evolved from the roles of compassionate, outgoing teacher and counselor, loving mother of two adopted siblings, and caregiver for my husband, a decorated, combat veteran. I enjoy traveling the world, Broadway and musicals. My husband and I speak nationally and internationally about our life experiences, overcoming hardships and heartbreak, and finding success and love. We are currently working our first joint book to release in 2021. My expertise in mental health has helped her develop enlightening presentations on goal-setting, resiliency, relationships, and leadership as I share my own experiences through humor and wisdom to hopefully inspire others.



Our Lady Of The Lake University, Texas

Master of Education (MEd)

Mount Mary University, Wisconsin

Bachelor of Arts



No one goes through life unscathed. The scars we carry inside, come out in life upside down or sideways often hurting ourselves and/or others. The judgments we put on ourselves, are shared with others. The traumas of our past are often coped with in the wrong way. Guiding people to process through those struggles to living a beautiful life, makes my soul sing. Grief, loss, trauma, and addiction affect us each differently. There is hope for the suffering to end.

Growth is inevitable. Change is the only thing that stays the same. As busy people, we are always in transition: student to career, single to married, child to parent, career to retirement, child to caregiver, spouse to caregiver, and much more. I thoroughly enjoy guiding people to discover the new “me”.