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Are you ready to unload some baggage and transcend to a better version of yourself and embrace positive self-talk by freeing yourself from negative self-talk?  I believe we are always learning, developing, and growing. We work diligently to have a loving relationship with others. Allow me to assist you on this journey to gain access to the emotional wellness you desire.  

You deserve to transcend into a better version of yourself today and every day. My practice focus is to work collaboratively guiding you to your own individual success. As each person comes to my practice, I use the modality that best fits their character, lifestyle and goals. I am authentic and expressive, that’s the Italian in me. I combine my clinical skill and character to bring about result-based healing that will keep you talking about your successes. Contact me today for a FREE consultation! 

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*Please talk to me about my rates, we try not to turn anyone away. Growth and healing is a basic life need, not a luxury!